I’ve been lucky enough to feel love in my lifetime. It’s been the basis for everything I have achieved artistically. These four images are icons of my portfolio. Signature pieces of love, hope and compassion. Long after I’m gone, these images will inspire future generations. I have minted them as NFT’s. This is your chance to own the digital rights to each. Your chance to store value and take advantage of the longevity and iconic nature of these images. There is only ever going to be one NFT of each image. They are utterly unique in that respect.
20% of the sales proceeds of these NFT’s will be donated to Seattles Union Gospel Mission.
They are hosted on the brand new Crypto-Artists website. Its a digital marketplace which makes buying and selling art using crypto currency as simple as possible. The platform has been created and curated by @lincolntownley and its an honour to have my very first NFT’s as a part of it. Do check out my profile and these four images that are currently for sale…