“The emotion I felt the first time I saw the images of the Homeless project was something which one rarely experiences in front of photographs. This might be because these are only apparently photographs. Sure, the means used is a camera; certainly, on the other side of the lens there is a reality. On the bodies and faces portrayed the signs of devastation due to an existence without any warmth, apart from that given by alcohol or drugs; bodies torn to pieces by the violence of the streets on a daily basis. What is left of such a person? And yet, in these eyes rejected by the world there is a Light, an otherworldly Light, a Light with violent flashes, that apart from pain talks about elation, truth and wisdom, bitter and infinitely sweet like the taste of freedom. The Light, “this” Light with which Lee Jeffries portrays those without a home, without a land, without anything, is the same Light that emerged from the faces of sinners, saints, common men and women painted or sculpted in marble at the feet of the Divine, be it Christ or the Virgin Mary, by artists such as Caravaggio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Bernini, and in the greatest art pieces of European Renaissance and Baroque.
Rather than photography, this is Sacred Art, And this is what remains of Jeffries’ divine tragedy: the Sacred, the real meaning of being Human, too Human, in the descent towards the netherworld and return to Heaven.”

My much missed friend – Giovanni Cozzi


Published in Time Magazine, The Independent, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Nikon Magazine, British Airways High Life.

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Movie contributions The Voyage of Time Terrence Malick, Second Act Justin Zackham, Jennifer Lopez, NCIS Season 11 Episode 22



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