Metallica: 72 Seasons. The Album

October. 2022. I see a call on my phone. New York. “Who the hell is calling me from New York”? I thought. I didn’t answer. Within a minute, I had an email from Metallica HQ! Within a week I was on a plane to LA and San Francisco!

My work was embraced. The whole team believed in me… and what I do, even though, at times, I didn’t think I could pull this off! I was supposed to photograph Metallica FFS!!! BUT, every step of the way, they worked with me. They offered encouragement and love. We walked the streets near Tenderloin, a place I knew… and was comfortable in. We looked for beautiful light. We created portraits, the likes of which the band had never, ever, commissioned. We created something intimate and introspective, which is what 72 Seasons seeks to be! We created art.

The schedule was brutal… but the experience taught me so much… about me! I could do this! I could handle it! I came home rejuvenated as an artist. I came home grateful for every member of the Metallica team who went above and beyond to make this work. I came back eternally grateful to Lars, James, Rob & Kirk for being soooooo cool and taking a leap of faith! I came home a metal head too! Inspired by the genius of 4 legends!

…I also came home and made a promise to myself… to always answer my phone! 😉

Limited edition Fine Art prints from this shoot are available from: